Reasons to use multiwall polycarbonate sheet

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Using multiwall polycarbonate sheet to cover greenhouse is the most appropriate solution in case you live in extremely cold climate. There are multiple reasons to prefer these sheets over others and some of them are as follows:

R- Value: R-value for multiple wall sheets are higher than any other polycarbonate sheet. The R-value represents resistance of insulation to heat flow. As these sheets come with higher R-value , they offer higher insulation.

U-Value: U-value is reciprocal to R-value, and stands as a measure of heat loss rate through any material. If you want your greenhouse to retain heat, buy multiwall polycarbonate panels with lowest U-value, because the lower the U-value, the lesser the heat loss.

Weight: These polycarbonate sheets are generally measures in pounds per square foot. You must not be concern about the weight as they are relatively very light weight, and very easy to install.

Transmission of light: it basically refer to the maximum transmission of light in the visible light region. Many people thought that it is good to have 100% light transmission, which is untrue. A single glass has approximately 90% light transmission whereas a twin wall polycarbonate sheet has 80% transmission. Apparently, multi wall sheet has comparatively less light transmission percentage.

Shading coefficient: Shading coefficient is the total amount of heat that passes through the polycarbonate sheet compared with the heat passes through a single clear glass. Generally, multiwall polycarbonate sheet has a lower shading coefficient.

 Solar Heat Retention: The effectiveness of polycarbonate sheet is measured through solar heat coefficient, which measures how well the material blocks the heat from sunlight. The coefficient is rated between 0 to 1. The multiwall sheets or panels used to have high solar heat retention as compare to single or double panels.

Solar Reflection: Solar reflection is the amount of sunlight that reflects off the sheets. The higher the reflection the cooler the structure will be. The multi wall panels used to have less solar reflection as compared to other sheets.

 The bottom line

Multiwall polycarbonate panels uphold excellent properties to safeguard your property from harsh weathers. The sheets retain heat, and offers terrific insulation to avoid the adverse effects of the extremely cold climate.


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