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 EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD established in 2001,We have introduced advanced Italian OMIPA co-extrusion equipments, and adopted raw materials imported from German. The most important procedures like extrusion, calendaring, cooling, and protective film applying are all completely performed in cleaning room condition. The production lines are fully automatic and controlled by computers. Now it is one of the most beautiful companies with first-class manufacturing equipments. We own a professional PC laboratory and many advanced devices of testing and inspection.
The company has always been sticking to the sustainable operation philosophy of “TOP QUALITY, HONESTY AND RESPONSIBILITY, and CUSTOMER FIRST”. Our products branded of TOP, BEST have been best-known nationally, and also exported to as far as the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. Our products were used in many Key domestic projects, e.g. Beijing West Railway Station, Tianjin Olympic Sports Center Natatorium, Wuhan Light Railway, Chengdu Airport, the Joint Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo, the Russian Pavilion and the Great Baosteel Stage. In the meantime, we have become the designated supplier of SPALDING company of the US and National Armed Police Headquarter.
Our products have passed ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification, the multiple tests of the State Chemical Building Materials Testing Center and the State Fire Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. They have achieved all the qualification indices.
EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD has been endeavoring to make innovations and contributions to the development of Chinese polycarbonate manufacturing industry.



A. The Product Specifications of EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD PC Sheets

B. The Product Properties of EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD PC Sheets

C. The Construction Specifications of EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD PC Sheets

D. The Design and Installation of EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD PC Hollow Sunshine Sheets

E. The EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD Latest-Patented Product- PC Light Diffusion Sheets

F. The Correct Installation of PC Corrugated Sheets





A. The Product Specifications of EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD PC Sheets



规格 Specifications

长度 Length(m)

颜色 Colour

PC系列 PC Type

PC耐力板颗粒板 PC Solid Sheets (Particle Sheets)

PC中空板 PC Hollow Sheets

PC洁光板 PC Light Diffusion Sheets

PC浪板 PC Corrugated Sheets


Translucent, Sapphire Blue, Grass Green, Milky White, Dark Brown, Orange Yellow, Reddish Brown, Blackish Green

The above are inventory specifications; please contact the factory and its franchisers for other customized specifications.


B. The Product Properties of  EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD PC Sheets

1. Mechanical Properties

(1) Impact Strength: PC sheets own excellent impact strength, 250 times higher than traditional glass and 30 times than acrylic sheets. PC sheets’ impact strength live up to their reputation of “Transparent Steel Plate”.

(2) Tensile Strength: PC sheets own excellent thermal resistance; even if at 120℃, their tensile strength can still achieve 350kgf/cm2.

(3) Flexural Strength: PC sheets own good flexural strength; even if bent up to 90°, they still do not break.

(4) Fatigue Resistance and Creep Strength: PC sheets’ creep strength is the best among thermoplastic plastics; even at high temperature, they still have small creep deformation.


2. Thermal Properties

(1) Melting Temperature: PC sheets’ melting temperature is 135℃ which ensures a continuous use temperature achieving 120℃.

(2) Linear Expansion Coefficient: PC sheets’ linear expansion coefficient is 7×10-5cm/cm/℃ which is comparatively small among plastics.

(3) Brittle Temperature: PC sheets’ brittle temperature is -40℃ and the minimum continuous use temperature is -30℃, incomparable to general plastics.

(4) Flammability: PC sheets are one type of those retardant and self-extinguishing plastics, and they do not release toxic gases when heated at high temperature.

(5) Thermal Conductivity: PC sheets’ thermal conductivity is not different from general plastics, which is 1/4 of glass, 1/300 of iron, 1/1000 of aluminum, and 1/2000 of copper; they are a good thermal insulation material.


3. Optical Properties

(1) Transparency: PC sheets’ transparency is over 85%, matching to glass.

(2) Weather Resistance: PC sheets are normally exposed outdoors, liable to yellowing and surface degradation caused by ultraviolet rays.

4. Sound Insulation Properties

The sound insulation effect of EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD sheets is 3-4DB higher than glass and they are the first choice material to make express way acoustic shields at present. EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD PC sheets have been chosen and used in Tianjin Light Railway, Wuhan Light Railway project and many road acoustic shields nationally.

5. Chemical-Resistant Properties

Polycarbonate is well resistant to weak acids, weak bases and alcohols under normal temperature, but is weakly resistant to strong acids and bases, benzenes, hydrogen chlorides, and very liable to dissolution, swelling or decomposition. Special attention should be paid because its chemical-resistant properties associate with temperature, internal residual stress and exposure time. (See detailed instructions of PC sheets and incompatible chemicals.)

6. PC sheets are half the weight of glass in the same thickness and area, so they reduce much difficulty and freight in construction and delivery.


C. The Construction Specifications of EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD PC Sheets

1. Consideration Items before Installation

(1) Cleanse metal frames to make sure no metal elbow pipe oil or pickle liquor left on the frames.

(2) Allow expansion space which can be calculated with the following formula:

Expansion Value=Linear Expansion Coefficient×Length×Max Temperature Change Value

Linear Expansion Coefficient Fixed Value=7×10-5(cm/cm/℃)

For Example: PC sheets, of length 100cm, are installed in the environment of temperature difference between day and night of 40℃, then its allowed space is:

Expansion Value=7×10-5(cm/cm/℃) ×100(cm) ×40℃=0.28(cm).

So its allowance should be at least 0.28cm.


(3) The plasticizer (DOP) in PVC gaskets and some chemical substances in rubber gaskets will transfer to the gasket surface and result in damages to PC sheets after contacting with them. Recommended gasket materials are EPDM, silicon rubber and neoprene rubber. If there are no proper gaskets, it is better not to use gaskets other than to choose gaskets damageable to PC sheets.

(4) Seal installation is needed and neutral silicone series sealants, double-sided waterproof tape and rubber batten can be used.

(5) Besides double-sided waterproof tape is used for water proof, it can also be used as padding material between PC sheets and frames. Some types of double-sided tape surface are damageable to PC sheets, so it should be chosen before being used.

(6) Use a power tool to cut whose saw blade had better be of material tungsten carbide, and fasten sheets to avoid vibration before cutting.


(7) PC sheets are liable to scratches, so do not tear up its preservative while cutting. It must be marked before cutting, and try to mark on its preservative; if it has to be marked directly on sheets, please use a crayon to avoid contact with sharp tools.

(8) Before a new building’s cement is dry, do not make PC sheets in contact with it, or the alkaline substances in cement will damage PC sheets’ material.

(9) If PC sheets are curved to use, their construction area radius should be larger than allowable curvature radius.

Outdoor Use-Allowable Curvature Radius

(R) Should exceed 180 times of sheet thickness.

实心板最小弯曲半径 Minimum Bent Radius of PC Solid Sheets

厚度 Thickness

半径 Radius


Indoor Use- Allowable Curvature Radius

(R) Should exceed 150 times of sheet thickness.

For Example: PC sheets of 3mm used outdoors, their curvature radius is:


So their designed curvature radius should at least exceed 54cm. See minimum curvature radius list.


(10) When curvature radius (R) is smaller than 180 times of sheet thickness, bending construction should adopt thermal forming, like vacuum forming, one type of thermal forming. But if thermal forming temperature exceeds 120℃, tear sheet preservative first, then perform thermal forming.

(11) Allowable Bend Angle θ: as is shown in the drawing on the right, the central angle θ of the bend must be lower than or equal to 90°; if larger than  90°, should add reinforcing framing strip in the area lower than  90°.

(12) The dust and dirt on PC sheets surface should be cleansed with soft cloth or sponge first, then thoroughly washed with clear water and finally wiped dry with soft cloth.


(13) If using dissolvent to cleanse it, do remember that the majority types of dissolvent, such as toluene, acetone, petrol, carbon tetrachloride and so on, are damageable to PC sheets and that they in no event can be used. Recommend to use alcohol dissolvent, like ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and others.


2. The Correct Installation Methods

(1) The Insertion Installation Method (Drawing1, Drawing 2)

a. The preservative on PC sheets has bad effect on their adherence to sealing element, so preservative on insertion area should be removed. 5-10mm.

b. When PC sheets are inserted, there should be proper insertion depth and expansion space allowed. If insertion depth is too small, PC sheets may come off resulted from wind pressure or other big pressures; if expansion space allowed is not enough, PC sheets may generate stress because of expansion and result in damages.


密封胶 Sealant

PC耐力板 PC Sheet

膨胀空间 Expansion Space Allowed

框架 Frame

嵌入安装法图1 The Insertion Installation Method Diagram 1

热膨胀空间 Thermal Expansion Space Allowed

填缝料 Joint Sealant

覆盖钢板 Covering Steel Plate

固定螺丝5-12mm  Fastening Screw 5-12mm

嵌入安装法图2 The Insertion Installation Method Diagram 2



The Reference Table of Insertion Depth and Expansion Space Allowed of Different Spans

跨距长度(cm) Span Length

平板厚度(mm) Plate Thickness

嵌入量(mm) Insertion Depth

膨胀空间(mm) Expansion Space Allowed


(2) The Screw Installation Method

a. The spacing between screws can be fixed according to plate thickness, and either too big or too small spacing is unsatisfactory. If spacing is too small, sometimes it generates stress because it fastens too tightly, and results in damages; if spacing is too big, it fastens PC sheets too loosely. Hereby, the following spacing is recommended:

A. Plate thickness below 3.0mm, the spacing is 10-20cm;

B. Plate thickness above 3.0mm, the spacing is 20-30cm;

C. If fastened with battens, the spacing is 20-30cm;

Note: If directly fastened with tapping screw, the bigger screw spacing is the less liable to damages caused by stress plate is.

垫圈 Gasket

密封材 Sealing Material

PC耐力板 PC Sheet

框架 Frame

螺丝孔径 Screw Hole Diameter

螺丝直径 Screw Diameter


b. The size of screw hole must take into consideration of expansion and contraction on temperature between summer and winter, day and night. Generally speaking, screw hole diameter should be 2-4mm larger than screw diameter to allow expansion space. (See Diagram 1)

c. When screw hole is too close to the edge of PC sheet, the sheet is liable to cracking. Generally speaking, screw hole should be over the distance of 2.5 times of screw hole diameter from the edge of PC sheet. For example, for a screw of diameter 4mm, its position should be at least 1cm distant from the edge of PC sheet.


d. Do not fasten screws too tightly, or, it deforms and results in stress.

e. It had better not use tapping screw to fasten PC sheet, or it generates stress and the stress increases while plate thickness increases.

f. In order to reduce the direct pressure of screw on plate, it is better to use gasket to pad in between, but PVC gasket and some other rubber gaskets may damage PC sheets, so they can not be used. It is recommended to use gasket of EPDM, silicon rubber and chloroprene rubber.


(3) The Installation Examples

The Insertion Installation Method Example:

a. The installation procedure of wooden or metal window frame (See Diagram 1 on the right);

b. Apply waterproof agent or tape at the base of window frame;

c. Allow expansion space at the base of window frame when installing PC sheet;

d. Immediately fix it with clips;

e. Apply waterproof agent on the outer surface of PC sheet.


The Installation Procedure of Standard Aluminum Window (See Diagram 2 on the right)

a. At first, put some soft props in the groove of aluminum window, like cushion or waterproof tape, whose height should be larger than that of the supposed allowed expansion space;

b. Insert PC sheet;

c. Fill the gaps on both sides with cushioning material or waterproof tape;

d. Seal with waterproof agent.

The Insertion Installation Method in Public Projects

a. Allow some expansion space before inserting PC sheet;

b. Install PC sheet;

c. Perform waterproof treatment with tape or joint filler;

d. Apply metal batten;

e. Fasten with screws.

错误安装图例 Error Installation Diagram

锁紧过度使PC板变形,未预留膨胀空间 Excessive locking resulting in deformation of PC sheet. And no expansion space is allowed.

PC耐力板 PC Sheet

框架 Frame

装在不平的框架使PC板变形 PC sheet deforms because of being installed on uneven frame.

3. The Cleaning and Maintenance of EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD PC Sheets

(1) Do not put piled sheets in direct contact with cement floor surface.

(2) Do not put heavy weights on sheets, nor put sharp or hard tools in direct contact with them.

(3) Do not wash sheets with alkaline substances or other detergents incompatible with polycarbonate.

(4) If sheets’ area is small, they can be washed with neutral detergent (like ethyl alcohol, ethane, and butyl cellulose), then wiped with sponge or soft cloth, and then washed with clear water. If sheets’ area is large, they can be washed with high-pressure faucet of clear water.

(5) Do not put sheets in direct contact with chemical substances incompatible.



D. The Design and Installation of EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD PC Hollow Sunshine Sheets


When hollow sunshine sheets are used in industrial, agricultural and civil construction, designers choose materials and design on the conditions of function, location and atmosphere, and user’s special requirements of  lighting, shading, heat insulation, anti-flaming, anti-static and others; after deciding total project area, building shape and basic structure, the first thing is to design structure and structure joint, which is to decide supporting structure’s section and separation distance according to sheet thickness, width and length and whose rationality of parameters is judged by standards of safety, durability and visual effect.

1. The Installation and Application of EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD PC Hollow Sunshine Sheets

The installation of hollow sunshine sheets is to install sheets on construction frames with professional technical method according to sheets’ characteristics, and also it should meet basic requirements in construction function and quality. They can be directly fastened on frames with batten.

2. Installation can be divided into two types: dry-type installation and wet-type installation.

Dry-type Installation


Joint combination is shown in Diagram 1. The so called dry type is not to use sealant. In circumstances of sheet expansion exceeding sealant’s elongation ultimate and aesthetic needs, the advantage of dry type installation is to press sealant inside of batten (alloy aluminum structural section) to allow sheets to move freely when sheets expands or loading position changes. 


Caution: Do not use PVC sealing strip, because plasticizer added in soft PVC migrates to sheets’ surface and results in cracking and even damage to sheets at large. The materials of sealing strip applicable are neoprene and EPDM whose hardness is Shore A65.

The Wet-type Installation Method

This type of installation is mainly used in small-scale facilities such as garages, station roofs, building eaves, greenhouses and in circumstances to take place of glass.

When adopting the wet-type installation method, as shown in Diagram 2 below, its basic requirement is that sealing system can stand some dislocation of sheet and allow heat expansion while it does not reduce cohesive force between frame and sheet. Be sure to check sealant’s chemical property; do not use silicone adhesive of acid and alkalinity, because these curing agents cause cracks on sheet surface especially when there is internal stress; besides considering chemical property, it should also be important to test extension and weatherproof property.

  •   2 Diagram 2
  •   Screw
  •   Aluminum Cover Plate
  •   Sealing Strip
  •   Sunshine Sheet
  •   Rubber Filler Strip
  •   Section Aluminum


3. The fastening of Hollow Sunshine Sheets’ Edge

The most import step in hollow sunshine sheets installation is to fasten their edge no matter in dry type or wet type installation, or in horizontal, vertical or inclined installation. Pay attention to the following two points: (See Diagram 3 and 4)


a. There should be effective space to allow sheets’ expansion and loading disposition in trim groove. The linear hollow sunshine sheets’ heat linear coefficient is 7×10-5m/m.k, that is to say that if its temperature increases by 1℃, a 1m×1m sheet expands 0.075mm lengthwise. User can calculate installation space value according to temperature difference between different seasons of project location. For example, in the north, the maximum temperature is 40℃, and the minimum is -30℃, so the allowed space for sheet of 1m×1m is 0.07×70=4.9mm.


b. The part of sheet edge clamped should contain one arrow rib, or the clamped edge should be at least 20mm long. See the Diagrams below:

图3 Diagram 3

正确 Correct

图4 Diagram 4

不正确 Incorrect

Generally speaking, the overall depth of section bar rabbet should include both engagement part of over 20mm and allowed space for deformation caused by heat expansion and loading.   


4. The Cold Bend Requirements of Hollow Sunshine Sheets

The biggest characteristic of hollow sunshine sheets is that it can be coldly bent along tendon direction into arches of different diameters. It not only improves lighting area in accordance with construction artistic designing requirements, but also improves sheets’ loading capacity, much better than ordinary glass.  See the diagram below for the allowable correct bend direction:


In order that exposed side surface does not crack, sheets bend radius should not lower than that listed below:

板材厚度 Sheet Thickness

最小半径 Minimum Radius

Minimum Radius=Sheet Thickness×175, it is limit radius, not guaranteed value.

5. The Sealing of Hollow Sunshine Sheets

Original adhesive tape on sunshine sheets is only temporary for protecting sheet edge which is not ageing resistant. After cutting sheets according to fixed sizes, the sheet edge holes should be should be sealed according to installation specifications, using engineering special take to replace original tape. Installation work special tape is ageing resistant who will not lose adhesiveness and mechanical strength after be in use for a long time. When installing and sticking tape, pay attention to the following:

a. Ensure that sheet edge is smooth an clean;

b. Make all holes clean by air blowing with compressed air who contains no impurity or moisture;

c. Ensure to fully cover tape with section bar, metal cover and edge U-shape protective notch, and that after installing, no part should be  exposed to outside;

d. Before finally putting sheets on frame, check tape’s intactness, and replace it if there is damage.


6. The Cleansing of Hollow Sunshine Sheets

a. Cleanse sheets with warm water below 60℃;

b. Use neutral detergent and do not use detergent that is corrosive to sunshine sheets;

c. Use soft cloth or sponge dipping in neutral detergent to scrub sheets. Do not use coarse cloth, brush, mop and other hard, sharp tools to wash with;

d. When there is grease, wet paint or tape mark on sheet surface, use soft cloth dipping in alcohol to scrub it;


e. Use clear water to flush fouling away completely; 

f. Finally use dry cloth to wipe sheet surface dry and bright without visible water.

Note: Alkaline detergent is not applicable because it corrodes sheet surface; forbidden materials includes esters, ketones, halocarbons and others that dissolve or swell polycarbonate.  

7. The Storage and Delivery of Hollow Sunshine Sheets

a. Store sheets indoors to avoid direct sunshine and rainwater.

b. Manually pile sheets to a height below 2 meters. There should be no weight on sheets and no hard substance in between.

c. Storage room should be clean, dry and no dust coming in. There should be no other chemical substances stored in the same room.

d. When stored, do not damage or tear up preservative. 

e. Put sheets on pallet whose area is larger to ship them; if necessary, bind sheets to avoid vibration and sliding and to protect sheet edge and preservative of both sides.    

8. The Instructions of Hollow Sunshine Sheets

a. When installing, construction organizers must fully understand the textual instructions on preservative, and describe to installation operators, especially which side is exterior. Do not mix up.

b. Before installing, do not tear up all preservative but only tear 50mm of preservative from sheet edge; after installing, tear up preservative immediately. If sheet surface still needs to be protected, first tear up preservative, and then stick preservative once again.

c. The adhesive material of sealing should do no harm to PC sunshine sheets.

d. Sealing should be weather resistant, and not lose adhesiveness and mechanical strength.

e. Do not abrade or wash sheets with strong base, and do not scrub sheet surface with hard brush to avoid galling.

E. The EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD Latest-Patented Product- PC Light Diffusion Sheets

Patent No.: ZL 2004 3 0108492.3

1. Product Specifications

有效宽度 Effective Width

叠沟时需横支架支撑跨距 horizontal trestle supporting span

实际宽度 Actual Width

沟数 Groove Number

最大长度 Maximum Length

库存 Inventory

订制 Customized

常规 Off the Shelf

订做其他规格请与厂家或经销商联络制作 Please contact the factory or its franchiser for other customized specifications.


2. Design Philosophy

a. It adopts a reverse low electrostatic type finely-embossed pattern design with interval upper and lower plane, which enhances stiffness and anti-static performance.

b. It combines particle face and transparent face to generate special effects. When sunshine is the strongest, it shines directly on embossed face to let about 50% light to get in and generate subdued light. When sunshine slants, light transmittance can be as high as 90%. So user can get the best lighting effects using sunshine change.

不同的角度,产生不同的室内光照 Different angle generates different indoor lighting.


3. The Applicable Scope of  PC Light-Diffusion Sheets

Lighting Corridor, Atrium Patio, Carport, Greenhouse, Rainshed, Arc-shaped Canopy, and Bus Shelter.


4. Special Advantages

a. Sheets can overlap together, so joint will not leak even without apply silica gel.

b. Use less support than other materials to lower costs.

c. Good stiffness, 1.2mm light diffusion sheets equal to 3mm flat sheets.

d. Two types of lighting, non-direct sunlight at noon and direct sunlight in the afternoon.

e. Have a special anti-static function.


5. Correct Installation Diagram

图5 Diagram 5

浪距 Wave Distance

浪高 Wave Height

有效宽度 Effective Width

实际宽度 Actual Width


F. The Correct Installation of PC Corrugated Sheets

The Correct Installation of Corrugated Sheets

1. Wave Shape Choice

a. If they are used as daylighting band, it is all right for PC corrugated sheets type to be approximate colour steel tile type.

b. If used as skylight, PC corrugated sheets type is the same as colour steel tile type.        


Note: a. If purlin’s span is too large, it may cause warpage and deformation and result in leakage.

b. It had better use sheets whose thickness is over 1.2mm.


2. Purlin Span

厚度 Thickness

建议檀条跨度 Recommended Purlin Span

3. Overlap Joint

a. Side Overlap Joint

Normal Colour Plate

It is recommended that PC corrugated sheets overlap on colour steel tile, and apply batten on PC corrugated sheets. Batten can be stainless steel, alloy aluminum and colour steel plate. Batten is about 30mm wide, and it is better if it has ribs lengthways. Batten thickness is over 0.5mm, and it is better to have support in overlap place.    

b. Sandwich Corrugated Sheets

If it is overlapped with sandwich corrugated sheet, a support should be added at screw fastened spot to better fix PC lighting sheet.

c. Sandwich Flat Plate

If PC corrugated sheet is overlapped with sandwich flat plate, plate foam in overlapping place should be eradicated first, and overlap PC ladder-type reverse wave with plate obverse side.

d. Lengthwise Overlap

Normally overlap length should be over 300mm, but if the types of PC corrugated sheets and colour plates are not the same, then overlap length should be over 500mm.


4. Fastening

a. Fastening nail head’s diameter should be larger than 1.5 times of nail stem’s diameter and applied with waterproof adhesive; and do not let nail head directly press sheet surface to reduce pressure.

b. Do not fasten screw too tightly, or it may generate stress and result in cracking on some parts of sheet surface.

c. Waterproof adhesive should not be PVC glue cushion or asphalt waterproof adhesive plaster; sealant should be neutral glass cement and must not be acid adhesive.

d. During installing, it is forbidden to fasten both ends first and then the middle; at first one end should be fastened and then the rest fasten along the same direction. Or it can cause stress concentrated in the middle and result in deformation and cracking.

e. Because PC sheets’ linear expansion coefficient is 6 times larger than metal material’s, installer must first drill holes in PC sheets and then fasten them with tapping screws, and also make sure that tapping screws are fastened in the middle of hole diameter. Or displacement resulted from expansion and contraction caused by heat and cold and insufficiency of allowed space will result in sheet cracking in surrounding part of tapping screw or sheet surface contraction and deformation.

f. The calculation of expansion space allowed: Expansion Value=Linear Expansion Coefficient×Length×Maximum Temperature Change Value, and PC sheets’ Linear Expansion Coefficient=7×10-5mm/mm/℃. For example, if PC sheets are 1000mm long and temperature difference between day and night is 30℃, then the allowed expansion space should be at least 2.1mm. For example, if using Φ5mm tapping screw, then PC corrugated sheets’ drilled hole diameter should be over 2.1mm+5mm=7.1mm.


g. If one layer of PC flat sheet or colour plate needs to be added below PC corrugated sheet, then the fastening place of the lower layer should be added with metal strap. Or PC sheets’ dead weight can cause itself to droop and result in sheet cracking in surrounding part of screw.

5. Cleansing

The dirt on PC sheets’ surface normally should be wiped with soft cloth or sponge dipped in neutral detergent and then fully cleansed with clear water.   

6. Chemical Corrosion

a. It is forbidden to be in contact with wet cement, acid and alkaline substances’ surface.

b. It is forbidden to be in contact with organic solvents like benzene, petrol, carbon tetrachloride, thinner and turpentine, or glues or paints containing these ingredients.    

To Users and Other Readers:

All the values are approximate ones, which are supplied in the Practical Technical Manual on construction and installation of EXCELITE PLASTIC CO., LTD PC sheets. They are only for users’ reference, and we are not responsible for any consequences herewith. Users should design and choose the correct types of products in accordance with actual conditions, in order to achieve a good result.




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