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Top 5 Secrets of Polycarbonate Swimming Pool Cover

Top 5 Secrets of Polycarbonate Swimming Pool Cover

Top 5 Secrets of Polycarbonate Swimming Pool Cover Angela Yang


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The polycarbonate panels have gained popularity in roofing, glazing and pool construction industries.

They are available in different configurations such as the transparent, tinted, multiwall and textured surfaces. These panels are durable, lightweight, self-extinguishing and virtually unbreakable.

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This has been the main reason for the increased demand in the swimming pool cover construction. Choosing the right polycarbonate swimming pool covers can make all the difference on the experience you are going to have with your pool. So, what are the secrets behind all these?

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This is what you need to know:

1. Experiencing longer swimming  season


This could be a perfect choice if you’re that person who would wish to have a longer swimming season. You don’t need to worry about any change in seasons.

You’ll enjoy the warm water in your swimming pool both during the early and late swimming seasons. The snow is never a problem since the pool remains covered during these seasons.

2. How to achieve the desired pool hygiene

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Why suffer from minor bacterial infections or use a lot of chemicals to treat the swimming? It doesn’t matter the brand of chemicals you buy, you’ll lose the battle without the pool covers. The degree of infection will increase and the bacteria and algae will multiply faster.
Constructing the swimming pool near trees and flowers is such a thrilling experience. But, do you know that the leaves from these plants can be such a nuisance?

Of course, you can’t stop the leaves from falling and being blown away by wind. This is yet, another reason why you need a swimming pool cover.

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3. Maintaining the pool’s security

Can you imagine sitting around the swimming pool trying to keep birds and animals away from the pool? This could be a waste of your precious time.

Without a polycarbonate swimming pool cover, accidents are be inevitable. The cover will prevent pets, kids or wild animals from falling in the pool.
The retractable pool covers play a fundamental role here. You can visit our store for some of the thrilling and modern pool designs. It will also be safely secured so that children do not stray and fall into the pool.

They are impenetrable allowing children to play around them without the possibility of an accident happening. The covers do not need cleaning as once they are drawn back the leaves and debris which had collected on top fall off.

4. How to conserve water

Evaporation is a common phenomenon in pools without the right covers. The pool’s water evaporates more than twice the pool’s volume every year. This means a lot of water gets saved when polycarbonate covers are used. This saves on the budget.
These covers are also essential for the indoor swimming pools. Moisture facilities rusting, thus, if this moisture escapes to the interior of your house then expect nothing but, rust in metallic sections.

The cover will confine all the moisture within the pool. Again, there’ll be no need to worry about excess moisture within your house.

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5. Regulating the swimming pool temperature

The multi-wall polycarbonate swimming pool covers have good insulation properties. This ensures that the pool temperature does not fluctuate during extreme weather conditions. The covers are made such that they completely cover the pool and do not allow for loss of heat.
The solar covers transfer the heat of the sun to the pool water so that the moment there is sun your water is heated. This saves a lot on energy as you will not need to use any other form of heating.
The modern swimming pool covers are UV protected. This reduces the sunburn and ensures that the polycarbonate sheet has a longer service life. They are also easy to operate, it is just on and off switch and the pool cover will move in the direction you desire. You can choose from the wide range of designs available in our stores.

swiming pool enclosure made of solid sheet

It is quite clear that you need to install a swimming pool cover in case you’d to benefit from all the factors listed above. These are simple processes but can cost you a lot of dollars as far as pool maintenance is concerned. We can offer a perfect solution to all your swimming pool problems.

Check how much you need to cost for a swimming pool enclosure now.

Contact us today, and we’ll make your dream pool a reality.

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