There are very many types of skylights.

However, there are specific reasons why most people tend to go for the dome skylights as opposed to the existing shapes. The choice of material also plays a significant role.

dome  skylight

The most common types of skylight are constructed using glass, acrylic or polycarbonates. The choice of material will depend on both the desired shape of the skylight and the intrinsic properties of materials in question.

For instance, glass is mainly used to construct flat skylight while polycarbonate and acrylic panels are used to construct dome skylights.

For applications which require robust and impact resistant materials, a polycarbonate sheet is always a perfect choice.


Normally, the dome skylights are mainly designed to protect the interior from inclement weather and they can “wash themselves” when it’s raining.

Their shape makes them immune to any problem which may be due to water pooling.

These skylights can be constructed using double wall polycarbonates, which improve the degree of heat retention and they can be embossed to improve the light diffusion property.

double wall polycarbonate sheet

Applications of dome skylights

These structures have gained popularity due to their unique shapes. They can be used to provide ventilation, light, easy access to the roof and fight fire into residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

They can be incorporated in new structures and those that are being renovated.

Skylights can be installed in virtually all structures as long as the panel to be used, be it glass, polycarbonates or acrylic meet the required standards in the construction industry.


The general features of dome skylights

These skylights come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours.

They are designed to suit virtually all applications and to meet the desired application requirements. To realize a stunning skylight, it is advisable to consult a polycarbonate or acrylic sheet specialist.

That is, when you intend to use either of the materials to construct the skylight.

For individuals who treasure uniqueness of the overall structure, they can always opt for customized designs. Such designs are associated with unusual lighting effects which give them an appealing look.

dome skylight made of polycaronate sheet

Like other skylight structures, the dome types are also associated with significant energy savings. When the right panel is used in the construction, a substantial amount of light can be transmitted through the panel and there’ll no need of using light during the day.

Alternatively, material with a good R and U values will reduce energy consumption significantly. This is because there will be no need of heating the room during cold season. The multi-wall sheets are commonly used.


Reduced cost; a number of dome skylights are pre-assembled which makes the installation process easier. This reduces the on-site costs significantly.

Ideally, the dome shape has a number of advantages to the structure itself.  Its positive curb frame seal protects it from being damaged by wind, dust, snow or rain.

They are designed with a pliable seal which allows for free expansion and contraction as the environmental temperature changes.


A number of dome skylights are constructed using products which can resist hazing, loss of strength and discoloration.

This is the main reason why acrylic and polycarbonate skylights are common. In addition to these key qualities, they also meet the fire code requirements, though one needs to be cautious when using the acrylic domes.

skylight on bridge


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