Safety is a major concern in most industrial setups, especially where workers have to use face shields or goggles.

It is for this reason that companies invest in technologies such as anti-scratch coating for plastics that can improve performance and reliability of these products.


Polycarbonate is a versatile and reliable polymer. This is due to its superior physical and chemical properties.

Fire Retardant Polycarbonate sheet

However, it is not 100% perfect. At times, you need to add other products to make it a perfect choice for a specific application.

There are a number of steps you have to follow to achieve the required degree of safety.

1.The Plastic Surface Should Have Anti-scratch Coating

Scratches or marks on safety goggles and face shields impair vision. As a result, one has to strain to see through these safety equipment.

This makes it prudent to find a way of eliminating all scratches without interfering with the desired qualities of the safety gears. Remember, eye strain can be devastating. As a matter of fact, you may not be able to focus on the work at hand.

In short, you have no option but, to go for safety gears with anti-scratch coating. It is the only sure way of improving performance and reliability of this equipment.

anti scratch sheet

An anti-scratch coating for plastics are chemical substrates that bind on polycarbonate or acrylic sheet. The process involves dip or flow coating. After which, the coating substrate is cured through UV or thermal energy.

With this, the anti-scratch coating firmly attaches on the polycarbonate or acrylic surface. This creates a surface that is wear resistance.

Normally, this film is so thin that it does not interfere with the degree of light transmission. It is 99.9% transparent. This is based on turbidimeter test results. Of course, this also complies with the ASTM test standards.

Of course, with all these, goggles or face shield will guarantee safety at all times.


2.Use Appropriate Coating That Suit Your Working Condition

There are different types of plastic coating formulated for different working conditions. There are different environmental conditions that may affects our eyes. Therefore, we need to be cautious all the time.

These environmental conditions may include:

  • UV radiation
  • Abrasive substances
  • Reflection
  • Fog

This implies, any safety gear should filter or prevent all these to consider it safe. Of course, there is no single technology that can eliminate all these.

In most cases, you will have to use either one or two, depending on your environmental condition.

The good news is, you can use anti-scratch coating with all these technologies. That is, you can consolidate it with anti-glare, anti-graffiti, UV and abrasion resistant coating.

However, when it comes to anti-fog coating, the mode of application is slightly different. That is, you will apply anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings on opposite sides of the plastic. Therefore, you will end up with anti-fog coating on one side while anti-scratch coating on the other.

Note: For anti fog solutions,here is a ultimate guide of anti fog solutions which will solve all fogging problems.

In short, using more than one plastic coating technology will protect you from any environmental hazards.

3.Go for High Quality Anti-scratch Coating for Plastics

Quality is an important aspect when choosing an anti-scratch coating for any application. They are the only substrates will stick permanently on the polycarbonate or acrylic surface.

Any plastic that fades or ceases to be effective after a short period of time will expose you to unnecessary risks. That is, the surface may begin to have scratches, thus, you will not see clearly. As a result, your safety will be compromised.

There is one way to solve this problem:

Buy all anti-scratch coating for plastics from reputable companies. Such companies adhere to the approved manufacturing standards. All their anti-scratch products are subjected to all the necessary tests for anti-scratch coating. These tests include:

  • Taber test
  • Steel wool test
  • Eraser test
  • Tumble test

For a fact, you may not be able to conduct these tests successfully on your own. This is because some require special equipment. It is for this reason that you need to go for reputable companies.

4.Conduct Regular Tests and Inspection on Safety Gears

Anti-scratch coating for plastics are designed to last for years. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, they may cease to be effective. Under such circumstances, the surface could be susceptible to scratches.

Of course, such situations are covered in the product warranty. However, to be safe, you should be able to identify such circumstances in good time to avoid unnecessary accidents.

You can only achieve this if you conduct regular inspections on all safety equipment with anti-fog coating. So, regular inspection is also an important procedure when you want to ensure safety at the workplace.

5.Every Worker Must Wear a Safety Equipment with Anti-scratch Coating

There is no excuse why one should not wear a safety equipment with the right plastic coating. As mentioned earlier, anti-scratch coating can be consolidated with other technologies to guarantee safety.

Remember, there is the Occupational Safety and Health Act that stipulate what is expected of every worker. You must uphold these regulations at whatever cost.


It is the responsibility of every individual to ensure they have the right safety equipment. That is, one with anti-scratch coating for plastics plus additional technologies that guarantee safety.


Do you know why the demand for polycarbonate sheets has increased to 4.5 million metric tons?

This is due to its versatile nature and the ability to fabricate it to virtually any shape.

The complex architectural designs, automotive parts, safety gears, transportation and shipping containers are manufactured from polycarbonate sheet.

anti scratch polycarbonate sheet

The polycarbonate materials are popular for their superior physical and chemical properties such as impact resistance, superior optical properties, lightweight, high tensile strength, resistance to chemicals, etc.

In fact, some of the most amazing outdoor products that are durable and strong are actually manufactured from polycarbonate.

Here are 5 amazing outdoor products made from polycarbonate sheets:

1.Swimming pool enclosure


Polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure is an important safety accessory.

Most swimming pool enclosures are actually constructed from extruded aluminum rods and solid polycarbonate sheets. They are strong to withstand high load capacities (900kg distributed with a 1.5m radius) and strong wind (wind speed of 230km/hr.).

These swimming pools are designed for snow, tornado or hurricane prone areas such as Alberta Canada or Texas, U.S.A.

The pool enclosures are available in different designs and shapes.

At the moment, the pool enclosure cost has reduced by over 45%. You can get a low profile swimming pool enclosure for as low as $2,999.

Of course, the enclosure will not only extend the swimming season, but offer several benefits such reducing maintenance cost.

Depending on your house’s architectural design, you can choose a roofing style that adds value and a sense of beauty to your home.

2.Ski goggles


Ski goggles are injection molded polycarbonate safety accessories designed to guarantee better optical properties. The goggles are impact resistant and shatterproof.

Depending on the quality grade, they may have more than three polycarbonate coatings.

These may include anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-glare and photochromic coating. In most cases, the anti-scratch and anti-glare coating may be consolidated.

That is, you may apply them to the outer surface of the racing goggles. The anti-fog coating is usually applied to the inner section of the goggles.

Even though most companies focus on standard designs, customized options are also available for OEM clients. The polycarbonate goggles can be designed to any shape since it is easier to fabricate polycarbonate sheets.



With polycarbonate sheets, you will get a transparent, flexible and unbreakable skateboard.

SkateboardThe polycarbonate skateboards are superior to the wooden types, making them the first choice for sporting enthusiasts. This is due to a wide range of factors such as:

  • Easy to fabricate to different shapes and designs
  • 100% transparent skateboards
  • Fashionable as you print any design on the polycarbonate skateboards
  • Enhanced durability and unbreakable
  • Neither cracks nor breaks when dropped.

The polycarbonate skateboards. In fact, since 2012, the sporting industry is mainly dominated with polycarbonate skateboards.

4.Photochromic visor


Photochromic visor is yet another polycarbonate products that guarantee unmatched safety and convenience.

The visors have a unique property – as the surrounding light changes, the visor begins to tint automatically.

This implies that, you don’t have to replace the visor whenever you transition from one environment to the other.

The visors have a photochromic coating on injection molded polycarbonate visors. This coating is very sensitive to any changes in the UV radiation, thus it adjusts accordingly.

To make it more functional, the photochromic visors may have anti-fog, anti-scratch or iridium coating.

5.Bullet proof panel

Bullet proof panel

Bullet proof panels are polycarbonate surfaces that are resistant to high impact, lightweight with superior optical properties.

They are mainly used in penal institutions, banks, security vehicles, police anti-riot equipment, etc.

The ability to resist bullet penetration is an inherent property of polycarbonate sheet that makes it a perfect choice for this task.

To provide better penetration resistance, others are designed with multilayers.

As a matter of fact, polycarbonate sheets play an integral role in our day-to-day lives with innovative products introduced each month.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for sporting equipment, architectural structures, advertisement sign post or safety shield; you will get one that meets your specific needs.

Of course, there are thousands of products made of polycarbonate sheets , like automatic capsule filling machines,helmets,windshield etc.

If anything Excelite can help with your business, freely contact our support team.


Polycarbonate plastic is known for its high-performance,lightweight and the ability to balance between optical clarity, optical resistance, toughness, heat resistance and dimension stability.

These are some of the main reasons why they are commonly used to manufacture a number of glazing sheets and panels. The Bisphenol A (BPA) is the main building block of the polycarbonate plastic.

The available plastics can be classified as either thermosetting or thermoplastic plastics. The two types of plastics have unique features which make them suitable for different applications.


Thermoplastics are plastics which can be heated to pliable temperature after which they can be formed to take the desired shape.

This process can be repeated severally without altering the fundamental properties of the polymer. Some unique properties which are unique to these materials include:

  1. A high impact strength
  2. They are recyclable
  3. They can bond with other types of plastics
  4. The have an attractive finish

When these plastics are exposed to a high degree of temperature, they can soften which make them difficult to prototype.

On the other hand, a thermoset is a polymeric which undergoes an irreversible chemical process after it has cured.

It has a number of cross-linking which hinders molecular chain movement after it has cured. From the above definition, is polycarbonate a thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic?

Apart from the superlative properties that the polycarbonate sheets possess, this product is considered eco-friendly since it can be recycled.

A number of polycarbonate sheets/panels have been manufactured from recycled products. Polycarbonate are thermoplastics since they can be thermoformed severally without losing their desirable properties. They do not have cross linkages in their structure which can hinder them from being thermoformed a number of times. It is for this reason that polycarbonate sheets are widely used as glazing sheets.

The polycarbonate sheets which have been manufactured from virgin materials are more expensive than those that have been manufactured from the recycled materials.

Ideally, being that polycarbonates are thermoplastics, most companies have been shifting to green manufacturing process.

A number of organization are forcing the polycarbonate manufacturing companies to focus on recycling polycarbonate products. The polycarbonate sheets which are manufactured through extrusion have between 10 and 40% recycled materials.

The recycled raw materials are obtained from regrinding scrap or damaged polycarbonate sheets.However , in the PC market , it is different , most distributor need pure 100% new virgin materials,because the sheets will be used for the application like greenhouse,swimming pool cover ,roofing and some like these .

To conserve the environment, a number of polycarbonate sheets are manufactured in such a way that they can be 100% recyclable.

That is, after they’ve been used, they can be taken to the recycling centers to be used to make new sheets which can used for glazing purposes.

Other than reducing the amount of waste plastics within the environment, these polycarbonate sheets have also revolutionized the architectural market.

The modern buildings use polycarbonate glazing panels due to their lightweight and durability. The multi-wall polycarbonates have also gained popularity in design applications due to the enhanced insulation properties.

The multi-wall polycarbonate sheets can be manufactured from recycled materials too. They have improved the overall aesthetic spaces of buildings.


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The embossed polycarbonate sheets have become popular in the recent past. This is because of the desirable aesthetic value they come with alongside the superlative qualities of the ordinary polycarbonates.

The advancement in technology has seen quite a number of companies resort to embossed polycarbonate sheet which are being used in both domestic and industrial applications.

The polycarbonate sheets come in a wide range of shapes and designs such as the embossed, transparent, opal white and multiwall sheets, just to mention a few.

Most of these materials are known for their good thermal and electrical insulation capability, optimum clarity, high temperature tolerance, etc. Like other types of polycarbonate materials, embossed polycarbonate sheets can either be cold curved or cold bent into different shapes.

emboss sheet 2 embossed sheet 3


This material has really revolutionized certain industries such as the construction industry. In fact, there has been a huge demand for these sheets due to the numerous advantages they are associated with.

The good thing about embossed sheets is that a wide range of patterns can be achieved making it possible to meet the varying taste of the clients.

Their popularity is due to the fact that they can be used to partition offices and cabins,installed effortlessly,they are stable under harsh environmental conditions; offer a high tensile strength.

To get all these desirable qualities, it’s important to go for those sheets which have been manufactured from premium quality raw materials which can also make them to be UV resistant.

This feature makes them flexible and versatile in nature. To avoid any instances of buying substandard materials, you need to test all the polycarbonate sheets. In case you need to perform an advanced testing of these materials and you don’t have the required equipment.

you can simply get the embossed polycarbonate sheets from a reputable dealer.

embossed Polycarbonate Panels

 Where are these products used? 

The embossed polycarbonate sheets are known for their versatility. The sheets are mostly used to make helmets or riot shields; to construct patios and walkway covers; as pool and skylight enclosures; in advertising; a number of parts in vehicles and paneling amongst others.

 Features which are unique to embossed polycarbonate products 

These sheets share quite a number of characteristics with the other polycarbonate products. The embossing process; which is mainly done on one side of the surface is mainly designed to enhance certain features which are in high demand.

Some of these unique features include: light weight; being hail proof resistant to weathering; enhanced insulation properties; light weight; better light transmission; low flammability; easy to install and clean.

These make these products suitable for drilling, thermoforming, bending and cutting. These are some of the key features when it comes to the manipulation of various products to suit a given application.

When you are shopping for these materials, you need to consider the following key properties since they will determine the level of performance.

These properties can be customized to meet specific requirements which may be required for a given application.  These essential properties include weather, temperature and impact resistance; degree of fire spread; thickness; light transmission and maintenance costs.

Basically, these are some of the main features which distinguish the embossed polycarbonate materials and the other ordinary materials which are used for the same purpose.

These materials come in different colors such as green, blue, grey, solar bronze and clear. The thickness range between 2mm and 6mm.

Embossed Polycarbonate Sheets


More details please check on excelite website www.exceliteplas.com

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Polycarbonate sheets are those materials which combine the thermal, optical and mechanical properties of other materials.

They are popular for their low weight, excellent insulation, high impact resistance and good light transmission properties. Since they are versatile materials,they are popularly used in both domestic and industrial applications.

The polycarbonates sheet for sale are available in quite a number of grades for different applications. Normally, these materials can be classified as standard, flame retardant, hard coated or anti-static grades.

The choice will solely depend on the ultimate application of the polycarbonate (PC) material. These materials have become some of the most reliable due to their strong resistance to impact, fluctuating temperature and chemicals.

Also, they are some of the safest materials since they are self-extinguishing besides having a high degree of freedom. The existence of different grades of PCs is due to the wide range of essential features they possess.


The standard grade polycarbonate sheets for sale

These PCs have the basic characteristics of the ordinary polycarbonate resin,the sheets have not gone through a number of manufacturing process to enhance their intrinsic properties.

They are available in a wide range of thickness and textures thus,they are mainly used for graphic art applications. These sheets have the following key features:

  1. They are suitable for screen printing due to superior UV ink adhesion alongside a high level of accuracy.
  2. They are resistant to fluctuating temperature, impact and chemicals besides possessing an excellent dimensional stability.
  3. They are self-extinguishing with their flammability rated UL94. In addition to this, they are good thermal insulators.
  4. They can be thermoformed easily.

 The flame retardant grades

These polycarbonate sheets are mainly used in both EM wave shielding and electrical insulation. They offer optimal electrical insulation with the flammability standard of UL94 in VTM and V tests.

Increasing the ability to retard flame is done based on the VTM-O and V-O classification. They come in different forms where: the two sides of the PC can be polished; one side can have matte while the other side polished; one side can have matte while the other side could have velvet and one side could have matte with the other side velvet.

The hard-coated polycarbonate sheets for sale

The ability to resists impact and abrasion are key in all applications. Even though polycarbonates are known to be flexible and hence, their high impact resistance.

They should be treated to make them abrasion resistant. The surface of polycarbonate sheets for sale are treated to make them scratch resistant.

They are mainly used to make automotive interior components and various electrical components.

The anti-static grade polycarbonates for sale

These PCs have been designed to control electrostatic discharge. The standard PCs are coated to attain an approximate resistivity of about 1012.  They are used in most electronics manufacturing industries.

In most cases, choosing the right PC material can be a very challenging process. This is one of the main reasons why it is important to purchase these items from a reputable dealer. 

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The polycarbonates (PCs) sheets with UV protection are durable and they provide better clarity just like the normal glass. This has been the main reason why they are popularly used in quite a number of applications such as in the construction of greenhouses. The polycarbonate sheets without UV protection fail prematurely as they turn yellow. This reduces their performance significantly.

In most circumstances, polycarbonate materials without a UV protection acquire a yellow color which not only reduces their aesthetic value, but, also reduces their overall performance in all applications. Therefore, to guarantee optimal performance, you have no choice; but, to protect these materials from the UV light.

What are the basic facts about UV light and UV protection? 

The UV light can be classified into three main categories which include: UVA whose wavelength ranges between 320 and 400 nanometers; UVB whose wavelength ranges between 280 and 320 nanometers and UVC whose wavelength ranges between 100 and 280 nanometers. From the Planck’s constant relationship; it is quite evident that the higher wavelengths are associated with lower energy and vice versa. Even though this plays a significant role when it comes to polycarbonate UV protection; the quantity of UV light also becomes a major subject matter.


 In the recent past, research has also indicated that at higher altitudes a significant amount of UVB is absorbed. Generally, the polycarbonate materials are vulnerable to UV wavelengths which are below 300 nanometers and more specifically those that range between 280 and 290 nanometers. These wavelengths make the polycarbonate material to crack and this weakens the entire structure of this material. Moreover, they make these materials to turn yellow. In addition to this, an increase in the amount of UVB also degrades the polycarbonate material.

What does all these imply?

All polycarbonate materials which are used near the equator will degrade faster and will have a shorter lifespan. For this reason, it is important that you specify your location as this determines the kind of UV protection to be used to increase the service life of polycarbonates. If possible, you can contact the polycarbonate manufacturer and request for a UV protection which suitable for polycarbonate sheets which can be used in your locality. Alternatively, you can consult a reputable dealer since he/she will help you to choose those polycarbonates with desired protection. It is a challenging process though, very essential if you would wish to use these materials for a long time while avoiding unnecessary maintenance and repair costs.


There are other factors which are also responsible for the yellow color in the PCs. The yellow color is as a result of oxidation. Therefore, an increase in the rate of oxidation process will make the PCs to change their color at a faster rate. For instance, other research has also established that the linear manner of oxygen pressure also speeds up this process. On the other hand, there are inherent properties which contribute to this process too. A good example is the phenol end groups and the presence of steam in the reaction system. It is quite evident that some of these factors cannot be controlled by the end user; it is upon the manufacturing company to ensure that all PCs are protected from the UV effects.


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